Intraoral welders

* are essential instruments to facilitate immediate loading dental implantology using any type of single stage or two stage (submerged) dental implant;
* for the past 40 years, they have been an integral part of the Italian School protocol for immediate loading dental implantology;
* their use consists of welding Titanium rods to implant heads, to maximize implant primary stability during osteointegration.
* double pulse setting: first pulse to heat the connection, second pulse to weld

Implant-weld 300

CE certified for 230V networks
Use in 110V by connecting to a transformer

A non-certified version for 110V networks is available

Intraoral Welding Course offered by Dr. Silvano Tramonte

More pictures of the Implant-Weld 300

Technical specifications of the Implant-Weld 300

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