Basic Course on Dental Implant Bracing by Intraoral Welding
Instructor: Dr. Silvano U. Tramonte's, M.D., Dental Implantologist,
who practiced Intraoral Welding for the past 40 years in his Italian offices
Course location: Milan, Italy
For a sufficient number of participants the course is offered in the Participants' locations
Course duration: one day, from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

General Description

* Basic concepts of Immediate Loading Italian Implantology
* Disparallel placements, bicorticalism, bracing
* Advantages of bracing to facilitate osteointegration

The intraoral welder

* Presentation
* Sincrystallization
* Physics fundamentals of welding
* Quality of welded joint
* Maneuvers to passivate the bar
* Bar application positioning
* Number of bars to be applied
* Bracing by welding a Titanium bar to implants
* Prosthetic protocols
* Preparation
* Mounting a temporary prosthesis
* Preparation of a permanent prosthesis
* Bar destination
* Impression
* Hygienic versus aesthetic prosthesis
* Video of a demonstration surgery of basic dental implantology ending with the application of a welded bar
* The intraoral welder
* Practice of immediate bracing by Titanium bars

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