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Launched on March 13, 1999, it is selling well! Here is the list of contents:


1. CHORUS OF THE HEBREW SLAVES. From the opera "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi 1813-1901.

Piano: David Battilana

2. A DREAM IN VENICE. Romantic song composed by two Italian immigrants: Alfio Foti and Giuseppe Lamanna.

Piano: David Battilana. Soprano: Cristina Enrietti.

3. FLORENCE IS DREAMING. Popular romantic song by C. Cesarini.

Piano: David Battilana. Tenor: Alberto Posocco.

4. YOUNG MAN. Folk song from Tuscany, harmonized by Ivo Meini.

5. IN THE SEA. Sailor folk song from Veneto.

Tenor: Giovanni Tolfo.

6. THE SUN HAS SET. Lovely folk song from Lombardy depicting a beautiful sunset.

Tenor: Michael Nasato.

7. THE MOUNTAIN GIRL. Popular song from Trentino, by T. Ortelli, harmonized by L. Pigarelli.

8. THE TOFANE MOUNTAINS. Powerful song of mountain soldiers, harmonized by Gianni Malatesta.

9. TIME TO SAY GOODBYE. Popular song interpreted by Andrea Bocelli, text by L. Quarantotto and music by Francesco Sartori. Here is a choral arrangement by Daniel Colla.

Piano: David Battilana. Soprano Nadia Gugliotta-Umana.

10. AVE MARIA. Beautiful prayer to the Virgin Mary by the young Canadian composer Peter Posocco, premiered by Coro San Marco in December 1998.

11. LORD OF THE MOUNTAINS. Grief-stricken prayer for a friend who died climbing a mountain, by the Italian composer Bepi DeMarzi.

12. STABAT MATER. A Good Friday lamentation by the Italian musicologist Camillo DiBiasi, premiered by Coro San Marco in May 1998.

Sopranos: Cristina Enrietti, Nadia Gugliotta-Umana, Ada Mazzei, Maggie Pringle, Marta Cecilia Montesdeoca. Tenor: Luciano Vincenzi.

13. PSALM XVIII. Baroque motet by Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739).

Violins: Kristel Audet, Austin Hwang. Viola: Emma Galloway. Cello: William Kim. Organ: Sunny Hong.

14. CHORALE FROM CANTATA n. 147 by J. S. Bach 1685-1750.

Violins: Kristel Audet, Austin Hwang. Viola: Emma Galloway. Cello: William Kim. Organ: Sunny Hong.

15. GLORIA, SANCTUS, BENEDICTUS, AGNUS DEI. From the "Coronation Mass" H. 317 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791. Chorus and orchestra conducted by Roger Berg, Soprano: Nadia Gugliotta-Umana. Alto: Lois Rooney-Giurin. Tenor: Douglas Rice. Bass: Dan Perron.

Recording Engineer: Robert Tremills.

Special thanks to: St. Theodore of Canterbury Anglican Church, Toronto; Saint Catherine of Siena Church, Mississauga;

Immanuel Baptist Church, Toronto.