Farewell, My Homeland

With the gratefully acknowledged financial help of Trillium Foundation, Coro San Marco is in the process of releasing a new album entitled: Farewell, My Homeland.

This recording is a unique collection of songs that tell the stories of the Italian immigrants in the whole world. These simple songs of common people directly express their feelings of suffering, farewell, separation and new hopes. Truly, through art, and especially music, the migrant finds the ideal tool to express his/her deepest feelings.

This collection of songs, interpreted mostly by these same immigrants, wants to be an original contribution to the history of the Italian immigration in Canada and in the world. While immigration has been studied extensively in its sociological, economical and political aspects, this study offers a different perspective: The story of migration as a human drama expressed by the migrant him/herself.

The majority of these songs are recorded by Coro San Marco, a choir founded by Italian immigrants in Toronto: In fact Coro San Marco is the author of this project. We also recognize the contribution of other local artists such as: Coro Santa Cecila, Coro Italia l'Aquila, Coro Abruzzi, Trio Amabile, Alfio Foti, Vito Cina, Franco Pagliaro, and others.

In addition, we want to gratefully acknowledge the contribution of groups and artists from Italy, such as: Coro Maddalene di Trento, Coro Tremonti di Verona, Coro Valcavasia di Treviso, Orchestra Nova Amadeus di Roma, and possibly others.

Coro San Marco gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Culture, which receives annually $100 million in government funding generated through Ontario's Charity Casino initiative.

For fore information about the Ontario Trillium Foundation please visit: Ontario Trillium Foundation